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MM customers are BMW enthusiasts seeking greater performance & reliability for the BMW they relate to so strongly. Our normally aspirated engine rebuilds provide 25% - 50% more HP & twice the longevity. We also build engines dedicated for boosting. MM 5 & 6 Speed Manual transmissions take harder shifting. Variable Limited Slip Differentials increase cornering speed plus last longer. Over 30 years experience modernizing the drivetrain through innovation, design & engineering, has earned us the reputation of being -The BMW Drivetrain Experts.
From Questions ...

From Questions ...

Since you’ve come to our website, you’re most likely a “hard core” BMW enthusiast in a long term relationship with your bimmer, looking to increase it’s performance. And you probably have questions, ideas or even a project in mind that you’d like to discuss.

... to Answers

... to Answers

Our best guidance is provided during a phone call where we can give & take together and cover more “ground”. You’ll speak with Jim Rowe, Teddy Rowe or Courtney McKoy, technicians well versed in our products because they actually build them.

... and Delivery

... and Delivery

Yes, we ship across the USA and Worldwide as well. MM can make all arrangements including the return of your cores. International customers? Before you decide that shipping will be too expensive, ask for a quote! You may be surprised.

Metric Mechanic, a machine shop dedicated to enhancing the BMW drivetrain, powered by admiration for the BMW Brand, same as you!


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  1. jonathan fordyce says:

    hi am lookin to strengthen my engine internals and maybe upgrade my crank in my m44 have looked at ur kits and individual prices was just wondering on a price for a kit put together out of some of the parts on ur site that will help the performance of my engine thx jon

  2. Paul aka Skeman says:

    Love the site just started oval Raceing a e30 318 can’t get enough info I’ll be coming back OFTEN thanks Paul.

  3. Paul Mele says:

    Hi Guys
    Just a quick note to mention that I bought an early M30 3500 Hi Flo Sport for my Bavaria back in 1987; drove it 10 years on the street, about 20 HPDE drivers schools, 190K miles total; then sold it to a Vintage Racer who raced for 5 more years on the same engine. Second M30 engine was in the family car until rear-ended, then swapped into next family car, then finally sold when the kids were grown. Incredible longevity with this amount of performance; and never any oil consumption! S52 projects underway…

  4. Paul Mele says:

    …so, just finished looking over the new website…great job.
    Reminded me how significant a “silent” modification can be. I neglected to mention that I’ve also put 2 Ultimate Transmissions in my cars, and never heard a “peep” from either…. quiet, smooth, reliable shifting, as a tranny should be.

  5. Jim Sokol says:

    Looking at putting an LSD and increasing final drive ratio. Mark Baer, from SCR Performance here in Colorado, steered me toward you folks. This is for a 2002 E39 540-6. I do autocross with it (I know it’s fat) and am leaning toward 3.38-3.62 gearing. Would appreciate any information you could give on your experience and products. Thank you. Jim

  6. Dave Evans says:

    What can i do to improve a 1984 E30 ETA engine performance for a reasonable sum. I do not want to replace the engine, just some enhancements. Car only has 60,000 miles

    • Teddy says:

      Hi Dave, without going into the engine, you’ll be left with the options of 1) Exhaust, 2) Performance Chip, 3) Lightened Flywheel with an Upgraded Clutch and 4) changing the Differential Rear Gear Ratio and/or 5) adding a Limited Slip or our VLS, Variable Limited Slip if you don’t already have an LS. We can go over these options in more depth on a phone conversation if you want. Send us a number and the best time to reach you and I’ll call. Sincerely, Teddy

  7. Gordon Halford says:

    Hi, got a 2002 with two weber side/drafts carbs 2ltr engine. Would like you to build me a 2200 Sport motor.What would shipping costs be to RSA . South Africa Pretoria Code 0041 Tks a lot Gordon. Shipping costs both way???

    • Mary says:

      Hi Gordon, yes we could build the engine and send it to South Africa. UPS Air Freight Consolidated can send a covered palette of 36″ x 3″ x 30″, weighing 320 lbs, with a $6000 engine in it (Rebuild Price plus Core Charge) for an insured shipping price of $750. This price would deliver the engine to the UPS Service Center near the Johannesburg Airport – maybe about 45 minutes drive from Pretoria. Also, we are available to discuss the build with you on a phone call. Thanks much for your interest. Mary

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